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This page contains important information about dealing with unmanageable debt (such as bankruptcy), the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), and how to make or resolve complaints.

如果你需要口譯人員 / If you need an interpreter:

  • 請致電筆譯與口譯服務處 (TIS National),電話是 131 450
    Call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) on 131 450
  • 告訴接綫員你所說的語言
    Tell the operator the language you speak.
  • 請 TIS 職員致電 AFSA 的全國服務中心,破産服務請致電1300 364 785;個人資産擔保服務請致電 1300 007 777
    Ask the TIS officer to telephone AFSA Service Centre on 1300 364 785 for insolvency services or 1300 007 777 for Personal Property Securities services.

We have provided some key resources in your language below.

關于AFSA / About AFSA

有關破産的資源 / Insolvency resources

閱讀 / Read

收看 / Watch

難以清還的債務 -比較你的選擇 / Unmanageable debt - compare your options

Are you struggling with unmanageable debt? Watch this quick video to help you consider options to deal with debt.

難以清還的債務 -比較你的選擇的短片抄本

破產後果 / Consequences of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has serious consequences. Understand how bankruptcy works and what you can expect, to decide if it is right for you.


有關投訴的信息 / Information about complaints

  • 我們會認真處理對我們服務的投訴
  • 解决對受托人和管理人的投訴

有關個人資産擔保登記處 (PPSR)的信息 / Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

閱讀 / Read

收看 / Watch

PPSR 簡介 / The PPSR in a nutshell

The PPSR explained.

PPSR 簡介的短片抄本

PPSR快速清查車輛 / PPSR quick motor vehicle checks

Find out how searching the PPSR can help you when buying a second-hand car.


PPSR基本業務使用 / PPSR - basic business uses