Report: June quarter 2017 PPSR quarterly statistics

Read more about the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) statistics for the June quarter 2017.

Table 1: Searches conducted on the PPSR by type

Search type Number of searches in the
June quarter 2017
Serial number 1,185,492


motor vehicle



intellectual property






Individual grantor 40,323
Organisational grantor 987,917
PPSR registration number 30,862
Other searches 9
Total searches 2,244,603

Table 2: Searches conducted on the PPSR by type of user

Type of PPSR User Number of searches in the
June quarter 2017
Searches performed by external user 2,238,854

By type of user:

Casual user

Account user




By type of account user:

B2G customer

Web UI customer




Searches performed by the National Service Centre/Internal 5,749
Total searches 2,244,603

Table 3: Activity regarding PPSR registrations

Activity Number of activities in the June quarter 2017
Transactions to create registrations (financing statements)


By kind of interest1:

Transitional registrations

Non-transitional registrations




By type of PPSR account user2:

B2G account customer

Web UI account customer




Transactions to amend registrations
(financing change statements, excluding to end the effect of the registration)
Transactions to discharge or remove registrations
(financing change statements, excluding the effect of registration)

1 The transitional period, which provided secured parties temporary perfection of security interests, ended at midnight on 31 January 2014 (Canberra time).

2 From 1 July 2015, only account users are able to create registrations on the PPSR.

Note: A single transaction may affect more than one registration. For further information, please read the Guide to PPSR statistics.

Table 4: PPSR registrations by registration state

Collateral type Number of registrations as at
30 June 2017
Current 9,512,377
Expired or removed 9,239,789
Total 18,752,166

Table 5: PPSR registrations by kind of interest

Kind of interest

Number of current registrations as at 30 June 2017

Transitional security interest 2,728,969
Non-transitional security interest 6,771,896
Prescribed property 11,512
Total 9,512,377

Table 6: PPSR registrations by collateral class

Collateral class listed in registration Number of current registrations as at 30 June 2017
Agriculture 86,653
Aircraft 14,860
All present and after acquired property 1,719,392
All present and after acquired property, except 244,802
Financial property 42,660
Intangible property 105,591
Motor vehicle 4,678,383
Other goods 2,570,759
Watercraft 49,277
Total 9,512,377

Table 7: PPSR registrations by collateral type

Collateral type Number of current registrations as at 30 June 2017
Consumer property 2,285,573
Commercial property 7,083,422
Unknown 143,382
Total 9,512,377