Personal insolvency by postcode

Read about the number of bankrupts and other insolvent debtors by postcode in 2013–14.

Graph: Proportion of debtors living in capital city and regional areas 2013-14


Note: We use the geographical framework from the ABS, the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS). We have excluded ACT from this graph because the ASGS does not provide a capital city and rest of state (regional) breakdown. For further information about the ASGS, see


Seventy seven percent of debtors in Western Australia lived in Greater Perth in 2013–14. The other state capitals where most of the debtors in that state lived in 2013–14 were Greater Adelaide (74%), Greater Melbourne (70%), Greater Sydney (59%) and Greater Darwin (57%).

The proportion of debtors in regional areas increased in all states except Western Australia in 2013–14 compared to 2012–13. The highest increases occurred in the Northern Territory and New South Wales:

  • 43% of debtors lived in regional areas (rest of NT) in 2013–14, an increase from 37% in 2012–13
  • 41% of debtors lived in regional areas (rest of NSW) in 2013–14, an increase from 38% in 2012–13.


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For further information, please read the Guide to personal insolvency by postcode.