Total personal insolvencies

Proportion of business related debtors

There is a 9.1 percent point (484 debtors) rise in the proportion of business related personal insolvencies in December quarter 2019 due to our change in definition. Using our new definition, 28.4% of people entered a business related personal insolvency. Using the historical business definition, this was 19.3%.

Bankrupts accounted for most of this difference. The number of debtors we classified as entering a business related personal insolvency:

  • Increased by 486 bankrupts
  • Fell by 8 debt agreement debtors
  • Increased by 6 personal insolvency agreement debtors.

Difference in the number of business related personal insolvencies between definitions

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We have published comparison statistics from the historical definition to the new definition of business related personal insolvency.