Statistics: frequently asked questions for media

This page explains some of the frequently asked questions about our statistical information.

What statistical information do you provide?

We publish regular bankruptcy and personal insolvency statistics as well as statistics on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR):

Refer to the Statistics page for more information about available statistics.

When are statistics released?

We publish expected release dates on the Statistics release schedule page on our website.  We don't preannounce the release of the annual report because we can't predict when it will be tabled in Parliament. The annual report isn't available before it is tabled.

Can you provide analysis of your data?

No. As the Australian Government agency responsible for personal insolvency administration, we report on the number and activity of personal insolvency, but do not conduct analysis of this data.

Can I provide feedback or ask about future data

Yes, please complete the PPSR and corporate enquiries form with your feedback or enquiry.

We are responsible for the delivery of statistics in relation to personal insolvencies in Australia and will build on our service as resources allow. For example, the publication of regional personal insolvency data was done in response to requests for this type of information.

Can you provide me with customised data?

No, due to resource constraints and volume of enquiries, we don't provide customised data. We define ‘customised’ as any data which is not currently available on this website. This includes reports where clients have decided on the parameters, such as detailed occupations.

We publish any information that is available for release on the Statistics page of this website.

Can you provide me with more historical data than the published data on this website?

Quarterly statistics are available from the financial year 1986/87 and datasets from this time are available on this website. We don't provide data before this time.

Can you provide me with hard copy statistics?

Our annual report is available online and may be available in hard copy on request.

All other statistical publications are available on this website.

Students or researchers - can you assist me with my research?

All information for public release is published on this website. Statistical information is available in our publications, such as the provisional quarterly and annual statistics, regional personal insolvency publication and our annual report. Students should be able to obtain data and draw conclusions for their studies from the published material.

Please note, that due to resource constraints and the volume of requests, we don't respond to individual questions from students. Please also note that we also don't generally provide commentary about our services outside of the above-mentioned reports.