Insolvency Mental Health Awareness Program (IMHAP)

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Insolvency professionals and their staff often find themselves working with people when they are stressed and vulnerable. And insolvency professionals, many of whom are business owners themselves, are not immune to the stresses of the current uncertain economic climate.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we have published new, free resources to help insolvency professionals and their staff manage difficult interactions.

AFSA also recommends that insolvency professionals consider registering for the Insolvency Mental Health Awareness Program. The program was developed to educate insolvency professionals on the connection between insolvency and mental health, and how they can better engage with people experiencing financial distress.


These new fact sheets are based on materials used internally at AFSA that were prepared in consultation with a mental health professional. Practitioners are free to consider their adaption and use within their own organisations.

Staff guide: Handling self-harm calls

Manager guide: How to assist and support your staff handling self-harm calls

Factsheet: Handling difficult user interactions

Mental Health First Aid: How to help someone else

Mental Health First Aid: How leaders can support employees with mental health problems

Insolvency Mental Health Awareness Program (IMHAP)

The Insolvency Mental Health Awareness Program (IMHAP) is a joint initiative of the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and the Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA).

IMHAP has a dual focus: understanding the mental health of people accessing bankruptcy and insolvency services and addressing possible mental health implications for professionals providing these services.

The program, developed in conjunction with Mental Health First Aid Australia consists of:

  1. a 90 minute overview session aimed at senior leaders, managers and registered practitioners. Cost: Free but fees may be applied in early 2019.
  2. a blended course (comprising an eLearning package and face-to-face training) aimed at those insolvency professionals who require a higher level of knowledge. Cost: $150 (eLearning only)

How can I enrol?

You can enrol in the 90 minute overview session.

It is AFSA’s expectation that all registered insolvency professionals complete this 90 minute overview session before December 2019.

You can enrol in the self-paced interactive eLearning

Face to face training sessions will be provided in 2019. Details to be confirmed.

While the MHFA site advises that you should complete both the eLearning and the face-to-face component of this blended course, please note that it is possible to complete the eLearning course independent of the face-to-face component.

Bulk discounts

Bulk discounts are available for these training courses. See the MHFA website for further information on eLearning bulk enrolment pricing.

Further resources

Flyer – Mental Health First Aid For Insolvency Professionals