Register of trustees

This page shows a list of currently registered trustees. To view a list of trustees that are no longer registered see de-registered trustees

Trustees can use form 33 to update their contact details shown on our website.

Name Company State
Mudie, Brenda BT Acumen QLD
Naudi, Robert Rodgers Reidy SA
Nelson, Simon BPS Reconstruction and Recovery VIC
Newman, Philip PCI Partners VIC
Newton, Scott Shaw Gidley NSW
Nicholls, Alan Nicholls & Co NSW
Nicols, Steven Nicols and Brien Business Recovery Pty Ltd NSW
Nixon, Brendan SM Solvency Accountants QLD
Nogueira, Paul Worrells QLD
O'Kearney, Glenn GT Advisory & Consulting QLD
Odrzywolska, Anna GS Andrews Advisory VIC
Offermans, Dennis Offermans Partners QLD
Orr, Hillary SA
Otway, Stuart SV Partners SA
Palmer, Christopher O'Brien Palmer NSW
Park, John FTI Consulting QLD
Pascoe, Scott NSW
Pearce, Mark Pearce & Heers Insolvency Accountants QLD
Petrie, Natasha BRI Ferrier WA WA
Piggott, Benjamin Piggott Partners WA
Piscopo, Samuel Samuel Piscopo Chartered Accountant NSW
Porter, Jason SV Partners NSW
Prentice, Maxwell BPS Recovery NSW
Quin, David PCI Partners VIC
Rambaldi, Gess Pitcher Partners VIC
Rapsey, Chad Rapsey Griffiths Turnaround + Insolvency NSW
Reid, Stuart Rodgers Reidy NT, SA
Reidy, Geoff Rodgers Reidy Chartered Accountants NSW
Robb, Joshua SV Partners NSW
Robba, James Worrells QLD
Robertson, James Tarquin Koch Accounting + Insolvency Services SA
Robinson, Mark dVT Group NSW
Robson, W. Roland Robson Cotter Insolvency Group QLD
Roufeil, Mark PKF NSW
Roy, Ronil Aravanis NSW
Rudaks, Maris BRI Ferrier SA
Ruhe, Alice SellersMuldoonBenton QLD, VIC
Sampson, David BPS Recovery NSW
Scott, Alan SV Partners SA
Scott, Andrew Price Waterhouse Coopers NSW
Sellers, Kenneth SellersMuldoonBenton VIC
Senatore, Ezio ( Eddie) Eddie Senatore Advisory ACT
Shanahan, John Hall Chadwick (QLD) QLD
Shaw, James Shaw Gidley NSW
Sheahan, John Sheahan Lock Partners NSW
Shepard, Adam Setter Shepard Pty Ltd NSW
Sijabat, Louisa Vincents Chartered Accountants ACT, NSW, QLD
Silvia, Brian Ferrier Silvia Pty Ltd NSW
Slaven, Michael Slaven Torline ACT
Smith, Lorraine VIC
Spyrakis, Sandy Advanced Insolvency Pty Ltd NSW
Stimpson, David SV Partners QLD
Sutherland, Keith Bent & Cougle VIC
Taylor, Barry HLB Mann Judd NSW
Taylor, Joshua Taylor Insolvency Pty Ltd NSW
Tenbensel, Robert Bentleys (Tasmania) TAS
Thomson, Ross Bankruptcy Advisory Centre WA
Thorn, Simon PKF NSW
Tonks, Bradley PKF NSW
Torline, Aaron Slaven Torline ACT