Register of trustees

This page shows a list of currently registered trustees. To view a list of trustees that are no longer registered see de-registered trustees

Trustees can use form 33 to update their contact details shown on our website.

Name Company State
Gollant, Mathew CJG Advisory VIC
Goodin, Peter Magnetic Insolvency VIC
Grant, Ian Graham Vince & Associates VIC
Griffin, Michael Worrells QLD
Griffiths, Mitchell Rapsey Griffiths Insolvency & Advisory NSW
Hambleton, David Rodgers Reidy Chartered Accountants QLD
Hamilton, Barry BK Hamilton & Associates TAS
Harrison, Brett Paul Cook & Associates TAS
Heers, Andrew Pearce & Heers Insolvency Accountants QLD
Holden,Timothy Crouch Amirbeaggi VIC
Horne, Stirling PKF VIC
Howell, Malcolm Jirsch Sutherland VIC
Hundy, Stephen Worrells ACT
Hurt, David WA Insolvency Solutions WA
Jackson, Jonathan Dye & Co Pty Ltd VIC
Jess, Matthew Worrells VIC
Johnson, Gregg BCR Advisory Bankruptcy Pty Ltd SA
Joiner, Matthew Cor Cordis QLD
Jones, Michael Jones Partners NSW
Jones, Norman CJG Advisory VIC
Jonsson, Anthony Grant Thornton QLD
Joyce, Helen Bluestone Advisory WA
Juratowitch, Daniel Cor Cordis VIC
Karageozis, Bill McLeod & Partners QLD
Kazar, Henry EY ACT
Kelly, Todd BDO QLD
Kerr, David RSM Australia Partners NSW
Kersey, Adam SV Partners QLD
Khatri, Nikhil Worrells QLD
Khatri, Rajendra Worrells QLD
King, Gavin Condon Associates NSW
Kirk, Darryl Cor Cordis QLD
Kite, Robert KHR Insolvency NSW
Kucianski, Matthew Worrells VIC
Lane, Morgan Worrells QLD
Langdon, Paul Vince & Associates Pty Ltd VIC
Lean, Graeme GT Lean & Associates WA
Lee, Leon Morton + Lee Insolvency QLD
Leroy, Paul Integrated Accounting Solutions NSW
Leslie, Ashley Vincents Chartered Accountants QLD
Lo Pilato, Frank RSM Australia Partners ACT
Lock, Ian Sheahan Lock Partners NSW, SA
Loebenstein, Joseph Loebenstein Insolvency Services VIC
Lombe, David Deloitte Financial Advisory Pty Ltd NSW
Low, Jennifer Sheridans Chartered Accountants WA
Lucan, Aaron Worrells NSW
Macks, Peter Macks Advisory SA
Mansfield, David Deloitte Financial Advisory Pty Ltd NSW
Matthews, Anthony Anthony Matthews & Associates SA
McLean, Neil Rodgers Reidy Chartered Accountants VIC
Meagher, Anne SV Partners QLD
Mellos, Nick Grant Thornton VIC
Melluish, John PCI Partners NSW
Micheletto, Fabian SV Partners VIC
Michell, Stephen PCI Partners VIC
Mikulski, Ben Mikulski Insolvency NSW
Miskiewicz, Anthony KordaMentha QLD
Moore, Daniel BCR Advisory (QLD) QLD
Moretti, Richard Revive Financial NSW
Morrow, J.Richard J R Morrow Pty Ltd VIC