AER Online Accounts

Accessing AER online

Username and password

  • AFSA has pre-registered each practitioner firm (name, ABN and email) and their associated trustees/practitioners and nominated Admin user, if supplied.
  • The Admin user can create additional employee user accounts (with username and password) for the practitioner firm.
  • The Practitioner user must authorise the user accounts created by the Admin user to perform AER online functions on their behalf.


  • AUSkey is a secure login that identifies persons acting on behalf of a business when using participating government online services and reduces the number of usernames and passwords. Find out more about the Australian Business Register's AUSkey.
  • AFSA has pre-registered each practitioner firm (name, ABN and email), if supplied.
  • To enable trustees, debt agreement administrators and their employees to log in with AUSkey the ABN associated to the AUSkey must match the ABN recorded for your practitioner firm in AFSA online services.
  • When practitioners and employees associated to your practitioner firm use AUSkey new AFSA online services accounts will be created and automatically associated to your firm.

How to manage account

Once AFSA completes the initial set up of practitioners and their firms, their AER online user accounts can be self-managed.

Users and roles

Admin user

  • A practitioner firm must have at least one Admin user.
  • Admin Users are created by:
    • AFSA has pre-registering the user with this authorisation
    • It was created using an Administrator AUSkey
  • An Admin User for a practitioner firm can:
    • Create username and password employee users
    • Unlock (or disable) users
    • Manage contact details of accounts
    • Delegate authority to employees to also manage/create users
  • An Admin user account cannot:
    • Grant permission for employee user accounts to perform certain online services functions (e.g. view a practitioner’s AER data or lodge AERs on their behalf) unless they are also a Practitioner user.

Staff/employee user

  • Admin users can create additional employee users for AER online practitioner firms
  • An employee user can:
    • View / amend their username and password
    • View other users associated to their employer
    • Be authorised to create / manage other users for their practitioner firm (delegated by an Admin user)
    • Be authorised to perform certain AER online functions, such as view or lodge AERs on behalf of a practitioner (delegated by the practitioner)

Practitioner user

  • Practitioner users can only be registered by AFSA
  • A trustee, person with overall management responsibility (POMR) or debt agreement administrator (practitioner) can:
    • Perform all AER pnline functions for their own practitioner account
    • Authorise users associated to their practitioner account to perform certain AER online functions, such as view or lodge AERs on behalf of a practitioner
  • Create employee users for their practitioner firm.

AUSkey for organisations

Find out how AUSkey enables you to securely access AER online on behalf of your organisation.

If your practitioner firm already has an AUSkey, it may be convenient; however it is not required to access AER online. If you work for an organisation and log into AER online using your AUSkey be sure to close your browser if others have access to your computer after logging out. For more information about user accounts and logging in to AER online with AUSkey, refer to the: 

Refer to the AUSkey website or contact the Australian Business Register’s AUSkey support line on 1300 AUSkey (1300 287 539) to:

  • obtain more information and important changes to AUSkey
  • keep up to date with the latest important changes to AUSkey, including AUSkey browser and Java software requirements
  • troubleshoot common problems experienced when trying to set up and activate your AUSkey.

AER Online User Management