Debt agreements online FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about debt agreements online for insolvency practitioners and creditors.

Do I need to use DA online to lodge debt agreement submissions?

Yes, all debt agreement forms from practitioners and creditors must be submitted to AFSA via the DA Online portal or business-to-government (B2G) channels.

How do I log in?

Options to log in to our online portal include:

  • myGovID
  • existing Annual Administration Return (AAR) account
  • username and password accounts


If you have an ABN, you can access debt agreements online using your myGovID. For further information, refer to myGovID.

Existing AAR account customers

If you already have an account for AAR online, you can login to Practitioner AAR online services to access debt agreement services.

Username and password accounts

If the above options are not suitable, you can use an AFSA username and password account.

You can register for a username and password account on the Debt agreement online login page, click Register in the top-right hand corner and complete all fields.

Tick the checkboxes for: “My organisation needs to use the debt agreement service” and the terms and conditions. Then click Submit.

An administrator user account will be created for you.

Note: If you are from an organisation that is already set up with AFSA online services, ask your administrator to help you create a user that can be connected to the organisation account . They can add permissions to your user to let you perform different functions online.

If you need support, please contact us.

Can I have more than one user account for my organisation?

You can have as many accounts as you like. There is no limit to the number of users logging in at the same time.

The administrator of your organisation can manage and grant access to additional accounts for your team.

What if I can’t finish a form and need to come back to it later?

You are able to save and exit your form at any time, returning later to complete it.

Can I work on a form started by another user?

If a user within your organisation has completed and previewed a form, it can be edited by another user. The form would be locked by the second user until it is again completed and previewed.

You are unable to edit a form another user within your organisation previously saved or submitted. You can however, copy those forms using the unique Form ID.

How do I know if my form has been successfully lodged?

Once you’ve successfully submitted a debt agreement form, you will be directed to a confirmation page with a form reference number. From this page, you can also save a PDF copy of your document to your device.

If you don’t see this page, your form may not have been submitted.

How long will it take to process my forms?

Once you’ve lodged your form online, we will review it within 1-5 business days. If your submission is urgent, please debtagreementservice [at] (contact us).

How to lodge a debt agreement proposal to claim without lodgement fee where the Official Receiver has granted a free resubmission?

To lodge a debt agreement proposal that is eligible for a free resubmission, you will need to take note of the form ID for the previously returned proposal. Select ‘Copy a form’ from the online dashboard and enter the previous form ID. Select the ‘Resubmit a returned form’ checkbox.

You will then be able to edit the copied form to amend any errors that the previous submission contained. When you submit, DA Online will link the two proposals and you will not be required to pay for the second submission.

How do I notify AFSA if we were not included as a creditor?

To notify us that you were not disclosed as a creditor on a debt agreement, you need to login to debt agreements online and select ‘Lodge claim and vote’ form from the online dashboard.

You can use this form at any time; during or after the voting period has ended.

How do I notify AFSA if we have purchased or been assigned a debt that is included in a debt agreement?

All debt agreement proposals accepted for processing from 22 January 2018 include a liability key that is unique to each liability in a proposal.

You will need to obtain this voting key from the creditor that was originally listed in the proposal. You can then log in to debt agreements online and select ‘Lodge claim and vote’ from the online dashboard and claim the debt using the liability key.

You can use this form at any time; during or after the voting period has ended.

What is a liability key?

A liability key is a unique number that is assigned to each liability within a debt agreement. The liability key can be used by debt purchasers or assignees to claim in the debt agreement and to advise AFSA of the change in creditor details.

My creditor correspondence has changed. Why haven’t I received a claim and vote form?

From 22 January 2018, debt agreement correspondence to creditors changed. We no longer provide a claim and vote form for you to complete and return to us by email.

The correspondence now includes a link to our online portal and information about lodging your vote online. We encourage you to use our online portal; however, you may locate the claim and vote form on our website, if necessary.

I have forgotten my username. How can I recover this?

  1. Click on the Forgot username? link next to the sign in button.
  2. Enter the email address for your account and click Recover.
  3. An email will be sent containing the username.

I have forgotten my password. How can I reset this?

  1. Click on the Forgot password? link next to the sign in button.
  2. Enter the username for your account and click Reset.
  3. An email will be sent containing a link to reset your password.

My account has been locked. How can I unlock it?

Your account will be locked after five incorrect login attempts. To unlock, reset your password using the 'Forgot password' option.

My account has been disabled. How can I have my access re-enabled?

If your account is disabled, you will need to ask your Administrator user to enable your access again. If you need further assistance, refer to the section below.

What if I need technical assistance?

Please complete the debt agreements online support form.