Create an Insolvency Services account

If you're in financial difficulty, we recommend speaking with a financial counsellor.

Contact the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007. This is a free service.

The consequences of bankruptcy are serious and generally can't be cancelled if you change your mind.

Make sure you read and understand the consequences of bankruptcy before you apply.

You will need to create an Insolvency Services account if you:

Once you have created an account you can access and submit your bankruptcy or temporary debt protection form.

For help with creating an Insolvency Services account contact us.

To create an account

Step 1: Answer a few questions to make sure you understand what happens if you become bankrupt (complete the consequences tool).

You will be shown how bankruptcy may impact you and some of the things you own.

If you're applying for temporary debt protection, these impacts will not occur unless you later become bankrupt.

Note: this step is not required if you have been made bankrupt by someone else.

Step 2: Create an Insolvency Services account.

You will need to register your details and prove your identity.

You'll need acceptable proof of identity documents such as an Australian passport, citizenship certificate, driver's licence, Medicare card and more.

There are some people who can't use the online account (such as a mentally incapacitated person).

You can't use the online account if you are applying for bankruptcy on behalf of another person (for example, you are providing translation services for that person, or that person is blind, partially sighted illiterate or partially literate).

After you've created an account

Step 3: Start the bankruptcy or temporary debt protection form.

You'll need to give information about your income, things you own, your debts, company involvement and other related matters.

Documents you might need to assist you include pay slips, bills, bank statements, account numbers, and details of court cases you are involved with etc.

Step 4: Submit your completed form.

You can start your application and come back to it later by signing in to your account.

Creating an Insolvency Services account does not mean you have applied for bankruptcy. This does not happen until you submit your bankruptcy form.

Step 5: Your application is processed.

The outcome of a temporary debt protection is usually known within one business day and a bankruptcy form within 4 business days.

You can check the status at any time by signing in to your account.

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