Manage existing BRS account users

If you are an authorised user, you manage user account details according to your level of authority.

Step 1: Search users

From the landing page when you sign in, select Search users from under Your profile menu.

Alternatively, click on your name in the top right corner and select Search users from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Select user

Click the full name of the user you need to manage.

Step 3: User profile

Amend the user profile as required:

  • Click Disable link to remove the users access to the account.
  • Click Edit profile to change personal details (e.g. email address).
  • Click Edit user accesses to remove or add access.
Access type Access Description
Billing and payments Manage billing account for… View account details
Change account details
View billing account balance for… View current account balance
Make payments for… Make payments to account
View billing transaction history for… View transactions in the account
User accounts Manage user accounts for… Create users
BRS Perform online Bankruptcy Register Searches for… Complete BRS searches
View account search history