Create BRS account users

More users can only be created by other users who are an Admin or have been set up with access to Manage User Accounts for their organisation.

Step 1: User details

From your Dashboard click Create user from the Your profile menu.

Enter name, email address and username.

Click Save user profile.

Step 2: Allocate user access

Check the boxes to give the user the access they require:

Access type Access Description
Billing and payments Manage billing account for… View account details
Change account details
View billing account balance for… View current account balance
Make payments for… Make payments to account
View billing transaction history for… View transactions in the account
User accounts Manage user accounts for… Create users
BRS Perform online Bankruptcy Register Searches for… Complete BRS searches
View account search history

For each access that is granted under the billing and payments and BRS headings, another option is available to allow the user to add the access they have to another user.

Only Admin users or users with these accesses will be able to add access to new users.

Click Create.

Step 3: Username and password

The user will receive an email with their username and a link Click here to choose a new password.

Click the link to set your password.

Click Submit.

Step 4: Confirmation and sign in

The user is presented with a screen confirming their password has been successfully set.

Click Continue.

Enter username and password to sign in and start using BRS.