BRS billing and transactions

This page explains how to make payments using your BRS account.

Making account payments

You can make payments to your account if you have the access Make payments for…

  1. From the Billing menu select $ Make account payment.
  2. Choose one of the payment methods in the following table.
BRS payment methods
Pay by credit card You can access the funds instantly and view the transactions online.
Pay by EFT or cheque

You need to download the payment advice and follow its instructions.

You cannot view the transactions online. Monthly payments will detail the transactions instead.

Availability of funds is subject to processing times and clearance days.

Changing your account details

You can view and edit the account/billing details if you have the access Manage billing account for…

  1. From the Billing menu, select View account details. Account details, contact details and the current balance will display.
  2. Click Edit account details. You can edit any of the details, including payment type.

Transaction history

You can view and search account transaction history if you have the access View billing transaction history for…

  1. From the Billing menu, select View transaction history. You can use search criteria to find specific transactions or date ranges.
  2. Click Download to Excel to get the data in spreadsheet format. This will also include expanded information (e.g. the user that completed the transaction).


We will send pre pay and credit account holders a monthly statement (and invoice if applicable).

This will detail all the transactions that are not visible in the transaction history. This includes payments made by EFT and cheques.


We will send pre pay and credit accounts a low-balance alert. The alert will go to the billing contact's email address at the following stages:

  • 30% balance remaining
  • 10% balance remaining
  • 0% balance remaining

Applying for credit

You need to complete and submit a credit application form to link your BRS account to a credit account.

A credit account means we will charge all your transactions to your account. We will bill you monthly. Invoices are emailed to the email address you have named on your BRS account.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions (see below) before completing the credit application form.

Terms and conditions for credit accounts

Payment terms are net 30 days. Payment is due within 30 days from the date of invoice unless we agreed to other terms in writing.

You cannot exceed the credit limit approved by us.

We reserve the right to pursue collection of outstanding amounts. We may add related costs to the outstanding amount owed under the credit service. These include but are not limited to:

  • external collection agent fees
  • legal and court costs.

Please see the credit application form for full terms and conditions.

Minimum credit limit

Only apply for a credit account if you expect your monthly activity to exceed the minimum credit limit of $5000.

Insufficient funds

Credit accounts with not enough funds available for a particular transaction will go back to pay as you go (PAYG). You need to clear your account or invoice payment to restore the credit account.

You should pay your invoice promptly to restore access to your credit. You have 30 days to pay your bill each month. You receive an email alert when you have 30% and 10% of your credit remaining.

If you pay your account electronically with your credit card, we will instantly restore access to your BRS credit limit.

Other payment methods

You can use the BRS using the PAYG or Pre-Pay account facilities. However, PAYG is not available to B2G clients.