Alleged offence referrals

Do you know that you can submit a Pre referral enquiry to AFSA Enforcement?

Trustees have a duty under sections 19(1)(i) of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Act) to refer matters to the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy where there is evidence an offence under the Act may have been committed. AFSA also expects that RDAA’s will report any offence committed by a debtor under either s 267(2) or 269(1) of the Act. For debt agreement proposals lodged after 27 June 2019, RDAAs will have a duty under sections 185LA(1)(d) and 185LA(1)(e) of the Act to refer offences to the Inspector-General.

The AFSA Enforcement team handles alleged offences under the Act.

Referring alleged offences

If a practitioner considers there is sufficient evidence an offence under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Act) may have been committed, a complete alleged offence referral must be submitted which will need to set out all of the information and evidence in relation to the alleged offence.

To submit a complete offence referral, an alleged offence referral form must be completed and submitted with all supporting evidence.

AFSA prefers that referrals are submitted by email to fraud.enquiries [at] . However if a referral is too large to be submitted by email, hard copy referrals can be submitted to the appropriate state office for investigation based on where the alleged offender resides.

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