Why did I receive this annual mortgage update form?

If you owned a house when you became bankrupt, we'll send you an annual mortgage update form. We need current information about the mortgage over any property you own. We use this information to determine the value of your property and how we may deal with it.

Normally we will ask you for the latest mortgage statement. A mortgage statement is a statement from the bank or finance company where you have your mortgage.

You may also know it as a:

  • bank statement or
  • loan statement

Normally it shows the most recent balance of what you owe on the mortgage. We also ask you to send us the following:

  • Recent records of amounts owing on the mortgage.
  • Status of your property (e.g. if it’s been repossessed or sold).
  • Evidence showing if your mortgage payments are up to date or in arrears.

You need to complete and return this form to us along with your mortgage statements.

If you're unable to access these statements then complete the following steps:

  1. Tick the relevant box on the reply form.
  2. Include a reason explaining why you're unable to get the statements.
  3. Send the form to us.

Next step:

You can send us your form online:

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