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  • Personal property (including a licence) e.g. copyright, debts and other receivables, bank accounts, but not goods or financial property.

  • The interest earned on funds held by registered trustees and debt agreement administrators is paid to the Commonwealth, and used to fund the cost of conducting inquiries in certain bankruptcies, investigating alleged offences, monitoring and regulating trustees and administrators and providing information to a range of clients.

  • An international body that brings together the collective experience and expertise of government insolvency regulators from jurisdictions around the world.

  • The final day on which creditors can submit claim and vote forms for a debt agreement proposal to the Official Receiver.

  • A law or body of laws formally made or enacted. The term includes statute law or Acts of Parliament, but also encompasses law made by other bodies under the authority of Parliament.

  • An obligation or responsibility to do something (such as repay a debt).

  • Debts or damages where the amount payable has been fixed or is otherwise certain. Admitting liability for an amount being claimed as a debt or damages does not, of itself, necessarily mean that debt or those damages are liquidated.

    1. An application that is registered in an AFSA insolvency system/s that may or may not result in an administration.
    2. A subject or situation under consideration.
  • A policy or decision of the government that affects revenues or expenses (on a Government Finance Statistics basis).

  • A written agreement between two or more parties that defines the working relationship, expectations and responsibilities. MoUs are usually not legally binding on the parties. They are commonly used to clarify arrangements between non-corporate Commonwealth entities.