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  • The current proceeds of crime legislation under which the Official Trustee in Bankruptcy has various duties in relation to controlling and dealing with assets that are or are alleged to have been acquired with the proceeds of criminal activities pursuant to court orders.

  • The act of obtaining/procuring goods or services.

  • One of the three methods used to conduct a procurement—open tender, prequalified tender or limited tender.

  • Government actions taken to deliver an agency's stated outcomes.

  • A form on which a creditor can outline its claim in an administration. A dividend will only be paid to those creditors whose proof of debt has been admitted by the trustee.

  • Efficient, effective, economical and ethical when used in relation to the use or management of public resources under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act).

  • Money that can’t be claimed by a trustee in bankruptcy e.g. some superannuation funds, insurance policies and compensation payments for personal injury.

  • A debt that entitles the creditor to lodge a claim and participate in a dividend in a debt agreement, personal insolvency agreement, bankruptcy or deceased estate administration.

  • A written appointment given by one person to another person to act for him or her. In a personal insolvency context, a proxy is usually the granting by a creditor of the right to vote in its place at a meeting of creditors convened by a trustee.

  • An Act to provide for the establishment and management of the Australian Public Service, and for other purposes.