Welcome to AFSA’s beta website

The Australian Financial Security Authority is proud to announce that it has released its public beta website at beta.afsa.gov.au

We’re redesigning our website to create a better online experience and help you to quickly find what you’re looking for.  

Why a beta website?

Launching a beta website helps us meet the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard and build a website that is simpler, clearer and faster for all users.

A beta website gives us the opportunity to test our new website with real users and use your feedback to make further improvements.

For more information about the Digital Service Standard, see the website of the Digital Transformation Office.

Features of the new website

  • A strong emphasis on language that is easier to understand.
  • A less cluttered design.
  • Quick access to online services.
  • Mobile friendly.

Get involved

Have a look at the beta website at beta.afsa.gov.au and provide us with your feedback. There are two main ways of providing feedback:

  • On every page there is a ‘has this information been helpful’ feature where you can tell us if you found the page useful or not.
  • You can use the general feedback form.