'Tis the season ...

... to thank you for your support in raising awareness and education of the Australian Government's PPSR in 2018.

As you are fully aware, the summer holidays are often a time that people think of buying or upgrading their second-hand car.

The PPSR is there to help if they decide to buy privately. Please let your family and friends know that they can easily check if the car they are looking to buy privately has been reported:

  • written-off
  • stolen
  • has a debt listed against it

by doing a $2 check at the Australian Government's website - www.ppsr.gov.au.

Data shows that more than one is six searches on the PPSR will show a financial encumbrance (such as an outstanding loan listed against it). It's worth a $2 check.

We wish you a wonderful festive season and we thank you for your interest and support in 2018 and we wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2019.