New PPSR resources for insolvency professionals

As businesses across Australia face economic challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that affected businesses understand the role of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) in protecting registered interests.

For businesses, we have collated several free resources designed to provide information about how the PPSR works in everyday business transactions, as well as step-by-steps guides for businesses looking to proactively enforce their security interests if their customer can’t pay or goes out of business.

These resources, along with links to other relevant information such as the PPSR small business guide, are available at

For insolvency practitioners, our new factsheet PPSR: Practical tips for insolvency practitioners provides useful information for those in the insolvency profession. This guide aims to help practitioners understand and access PPSR data to assist in the efficient administration of an insolvency.

Accessing PPSR data differs slightly depending on whether the insolvent company is a secured party (the creditor or financier) or the grantor (the debtor or customer). The guide covers essential information for both circumstances – including how to complete searches and download essential reports and information.

For more information, visit the new-look PPSR website at

Personal Property Securities Register