PPSR - heard the one about the mixed-up goods?

How do you lay claim to your stuff if it becomes part of something else, or is mixed in with other goods at the time your customer goes broke?

Such as the grain you've sold being put in the shared silo, or wheels that have been added to a product which is then on-sold?

PPSR scenario case studies, such as Treadright wheels, Henri’s barley crop, BodyPaint’s automotive spraypaint, and Flo’s cattle feed may help you decide how best to use the PPSR to maximise your protection.

You can find this and other PPSR information resources in the PPSR government website business resources section - you can order FREE quantities of booklets and flyers to use or distribute.

There is also a new PPSR industry information section on the website and you can leave your feedback and suggestions for improvement at the bottom of each webpage.

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