PPSR for business: registration templates for regular users

PPSR for business: registration templates for regular users

If you regularly create PPSR registrations, you can use a template to save your details.

This means you don't have to re-enter the same data each time because it’s already saved in your template.

Details that can be saved in a template include collateral type, secured party group numbers, collateral class and grantor details.

And you can edit the details whenever you like!

We’ve developed a range of instructional videos to assist you to create and manage your templates. They’re available on our YouTube channel. (Note, each will open a new window).

For step by step instructions, view the:

You'll also find further details you can use to create, use and manage your templates.

More awareness and education information for business can be found at the PPSR government website business resources section. You can order FREE quantities of brochures, case studies, booklets and flyers to use or distribute.

There is also a new PPSR industry information section on the website, and you can leave your feedback and suggestions for improvement at the bottom of each webpage.

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