Media Release: VIC (Currie) – Bankrupt sells asset

Mr Christopher John Currie of Truganina, Victoria, was prosecuted in the Sunshine Magistrates Court on 4 November 2016, for failing to disclose information to his trustee and disposing of property after he was made bankrupt.

On 3 April 2012, Mr Currie was made bankrupt by order of the court.

He declared to his trustee that he owned a Mitsubishi Triton motor vehicle but failed to provide any further information as directed by his trustee.

He also refused to make the vehicle available to be valued. 

The vehicle was estimated to be worth between $10,900 and $12,800.

Mr Currie later sold the vehicle for $8,000 cash, despite knowing that it was part of his bankrupt estate and he was not to deal with it.

Due to his non-cooperation, his bankruptcy was extended until 23 May 2020.

Mr Currie pleaded guilty to the charges.

He was convicted and fined $3,000 to be paid by weekly instalments of $50.00.

In sentencing, Magistrate MacCullum stated that general deterrence was important in bankruptcy matters.

The matter was prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.