Media release: SA (DURAS) Former AFSA employee convicted of Bankruptcy Act offences

Mr Paul Alexander Duras was sentenced on 2 August 2017 after pleading guilty to one count of incurring a debt by fraud prior to bankruptcy.

Mr Duras filed for voluntary bankruptcy on 5 September 2013 with debts of approximately $14,000.  In the days leading up to filing his petition, Mr Duras obtained a loan from Cash Converters of $2,000 stating he was employed with the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) when in fact he was not.  Had Cash Converters known he was unemployed they would not have advanced the loan.

Mr Duras was employed by AFSA between May 2013 and 22 August 2013. Mr Duras was discharged from his bankruptcy on 6 September 2016. 

Magistrate Bennett at Adelaide Magistrates Court sentenced Mr. Duras to a 15 month good behaviour bond in the sum of $1000. In sentencing, his Honour noted that the offending was serious as it rendered creditors unable to recover their funds. 

However, due to his plea of guilty, and the fact that he had not re-offended, a non-conviction was appropriate in this case.

The matter was prosecuted by the Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.