Improving AFSA’s online resources

Over the last year, AFSA has been working on a variety of projects to improve the online resources available on our website. These resources have been created to provide more information about the options and consequences of personal insolvency, and to help people make informed financial decisions.

The income contributions calculator is an online tool which provides a guide of the contributions a client may be required to pay under bankruptcy. Simply enter your client’s after-tax income (either fortnightly or as an annual total) and the number of dependents, and the calculator will provide an estimate of the expected repayment required. The calculator is updated regularly to reflect changes to indexed amounts.

We have also published a series of case studies that illustrate the realities of bankruptcy for clients. The case studies provide context to the general public on issues such as the sale of assets, operating a business while bankrupt, receiving an inheritance and more. These simplified examples help clients understand the seriousness of bankruptcy, while also clarifying some of the common myths about insolvency in Australia. The case studies are available across the AFSA website,

Interested in contributing to the development of new AFSA resources? AFSAsandpit is our consultation site where we test new ideas, services and designs. We welcome new members to our research group, and would appreciate your feedback. Surveys and activities are emailed to participants regularly. For more information or to register, visit

Simone Ball
Communications and Media Advisor - AFSA