Share your integrity stories

In June 2020, AFSA launched the Integrity Principles for Trustees and Debt Agreement Administrators, offering the personal insolvency profession a shared vision of good culture.

We want to share experiences of culture within the personal insolvency profession, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether it is your personal experience in the industry or your experience working on an administration, we want to hear examples from individuals and firms that relate to the Integrity Principles. These can include positive developments or circumstances where you think the industry could improve. For example:

  • trusted: how have you or someone you know led by example?
  • impartial: during COVID-19, what actions have you or others taken to ensure the debtor’s best interest is considered when recommending insolvency solutions? What actions have you or others taken to create an independent and accessible complaints handling process?
  • competent: how do you maintain ongoing professional skills in insolvency for you or your team?
  • inclusive: how do you or your firm encourage and value diversity in the workplace? What practices have you created, or would like to see created, to support good mental health practices?
  • fair and equitable: what actions have you taken to create fair outcomes for all stakeholders?

Your experiences can be submitted to regulation [at] under the heading “Integrity Principles – my experiences”


  • please write no more than 250 words
  • your name or your firm’s name can remain anonymous
  • names of stakeholders (including those who are bankrupt or creditors) involved in administrations will not be named for privacy reasons
  • AFSA Regulation may approach you for verification, especially for examples relating to administrations

Selected stories will be published by AFSA.