Resources for Practitioners

Objections to discharge

As part of AFSA’s ongoing efforts to provide relevant guidance to personal insolvency practitioners, we have published a new Inspector-General guidance document which outlines offences that should be considered when lodging an Objection to Discharge. The Offence Referrals: Objection grounds that give rise to possible referrals specifies the offence that should be considered against each ground and the evidentiary considerations.

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Insolvency professionals and the PPSR

As protections for businesses end and the economic impact of the pandemic continues, insolvency professionals will continue to rely on PPSR data when managing administrations over the coming months and years.

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) has recently published PPSR: Practical Tips for Insolvency Practitioners, which aims to help practitioners understand and access PPSR data.

The process of accessing data from the PPSR can differ depending on whether the insolvent company is a secured party (the creditor or financier) or the grantor (the debtor or customer). This guide covers both situations, as well as providing information on how to complete searches and download relevant reports.

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