Explore the PPSR using Discovery

Discovery is the test version of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), which can be used for exploring the PPSR, practising searches and registrations, training, and education purposes.

You can perform simulated transactions using information we provide, including ‘sample’ credit cards and serial numbers.

It’s easy to set up access – for more information see PPSR Discovery Environment Terms and Conditions.

More resources to assist you in using the PPSR website are available at ppsr.gov.au/business-resources. And remember, you can order any quantity of our resources to use or distribute, for free.

There is also a new PPSR industry information section on the website, available at ppsr.gov.au/industry-information.

We are always interested in receiving your feedback about the PPSR website and resources, and encourage you to leave your suggestions at the bottom of each webpage.