Section 77C examinations now available by video conference

Insolvency practitioners have faced a number of challenges since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold earlier this year, in particular the ability to obtain evidence from people being made bankrupt and their associated entities to effectively administer bankrupt estates.

As a result of government health advice and physical distancing requirements, the Official Receiver Notices Team was unable to facilitate in-person s77C examinations. The team reviewed its processes and embraced the digital age by facilitating its first s77C examination entirely by video conference. As a result of this success, the Official Receiver Notices Team has since held a number of s77C examinations virtually.

With restrictions now easing across many states and territories, the team has decided to offer s77C examinations via videoconference where possible, including where trustees and examinees are in different states or remote locations. This enables the Official Receiver to support trustees and recipients get better outcomes, particularly if location is a barrier to simple compliance.

For further information, please contact James Franze, Assistant Director, Insolvency and Trustee Services on (02) 8233 7838.