ATO Update: Interacting with the ATO

When interacting with the ATO, the ATO Business Portal is the preferred method. The portal is an electronic service available to insolvency practitioners and can be used to manage the tax affairs of incapacitated entities. This is the quickest way for the ATO to receive a notice and replies are sent via the portal.

Exciting changes are planned for the portal for 2021 which will improve user experience and enable the ATO to identify priority requests quicker.

If you are interacting with the ATO via paper or fax channels please ensure you are using the insolvency cover sheet: NAT 14588-11.2015. Please ensure you:

  • print the document on blank paper only
  • do not send correspondence for multiple unrelated taxpayers using one cover sheet
  • where a group of related taxpayers exist, complete one cover sheet providing details of only the principal or holding taxpayer
  • keep a copy of the cover sheet for your own records
  • fax your correspondence to us as it will ensure your correspondence is addressed more quickly.

To find out more about the ATO Business Portal please email InsolvencyPractitionerServices [at] For general information please visit