Beware of fake AFSA emails and letters

It has come to our attention that some fraudulent emails and letters claiming to be from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) have been circulating.

The emails and letters include the AFSA logo and addresses, and appear to be signed off by Directors or Assistant Directors from the agency.

In most cases, the emails have requested payments in order to approve the transfer of large sums of money into the victims’ bank account. These scams are designed to trick you into paying money.

Please be vigilant.

AFSA will never ask you to transfer money to a third party in order for us to make or approve a payment, nor do we ever make payments to third parties. All of AFSA’s emails and domains include If you would like to verify a request, please call 1300 364 785.

If you or someone you know is contacted out of the blue by someone purporting to be from AFSA, please be wary.