Executive remuneration

Information relating to the remuneration of AFSA senior executives and other highly paid staff.

Average annual reportable remuneration paid to substantive executives

AFSA is committed to providing transparency  on the remuneration of our executives and other highly paid staff.  Accordingly we provide an annual update on the remuneration paid to the executives in AFSA in addition to formal obligations on executive remuneration.  Details for the 2016-17 reporting period are outlined in the Table(s) below.

Table A is the average annual reportable remuneration paid to substantive executives during the reporting period 2016-17. 

Table A: Remuneration paid to executives in 2016-17
Total remuneration Executives (No.) Average reportable salary ($) Average contributed superannuation ($) Average allowances ($) Average bonus paid ($) Average total remuneration ($)
$200,001 to $225,000 3 187,274 35,363 - - 222,636
$250,001 to $275,000   3 215,049 35,934 - - 250,983
$275,001 to $300,000 1 264,066 31,434 - - 295,500
Total number of executives 7

Under the Privacy Act 1988 an individual’s remuneration information is personal information.  For the purposes of disclosure, where an individual could reasonably be identified (for example where there is only one or a small number of people of a salary range) an individual is required to provide consent for their remuneration to be published.

Information about the Chief Executive’s remuneration can be found on the Remuneration Tribunal website.